There is a misconception when it comes to Laser skin rejuvenation and hair removal treatments in the summer months.

Yes, Laser creates a photosensitivity or sun sensitivity in the skin which means it is more susceptible to UV burning rays when exposed to the sun, but this does not mean you need to avoid it until next winter! Education is key and understanding how to look after the areas being treated means you can continue your laser treatments all year round.

We are all programmed now to be sun safe. We know that sun exposure is one of the biggest contributors to the ageing process so if you are committing to treatments that are going to reverse the effects of sun damage, why would you then allow your skin to be exposed to the sun without protection? The answer is you wouldn’t. So, with your commitment to the cause at home and our education in your consultation explaining how the melanocyte & pigmentation works in the skin I believe together we can achieve fantastic results at any time of the year.

Our pre and post laser care is non-negotiable in Summer. Prior to your treatment we will prepare your skin with tyrosinase inhibitors which will help protect your skin, suppress melanin activity and prevent you from forming hyperpigmentation, this would be explained in further detail your consultation.

SPF applied daily is a must and when you know the sun exposure is going to be more than 10 minutes a hat or clothing to protect the treatment area is recommended. For our outdoors loving clients we suggest early morning or late afternoon when the UV is lower to spend some time in the garden or have your walk/run. It really is a team effort, but it will be worth the effort when you start to see the uneven tone and pigmentation clearing and brightening.

So, if you don’t want to wait till next year to start working on improving your skin tone, please call and book for a free skin consultation with our laser technicians; Jannah, Jess or Anne and we can qualify your for the treatment, explain the process and help you understand why your skin is behaving the way it is.

Book for a full-face laser skin rejuvenation before 30th November 2022 and receive a Free Healite LED & Epi Nouvelle mask which you can take home to continue calming and healing post your treatment. This is added value of $135 for FREE


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