What is LED Light Therapy?

LED or light emitting diode, therapy is a popular pain free, non-invasive skin treatment that stimulates your skin’s natural healing process to repair the skin. The treatment uses varying wavelengths of light to trigger this response and is most commonly used in the treatment of acne, sun damage, wounds, ageing, dermatitis and eczema. LED has shown expectational results in wound healing, tissue growth and skin rejuvenation.

How does LED work?

When using Trudermal Glow’s different mode setting, LED light is emitted at different wavelengths into the skin. LED is essential for the mitochondria and turns the communication cell back on to for improved function. With our modern lifestyle the mitochondria’s function becomes impaired which leads to our skin experiencing more inflammation, acne and pigmentation.


Mode 1: Anti-Acne

This is your go-to treatment for acne with LED lights blue (465nm) and near-infrared (830nm) combined together at 132LEDs. Blue LED light therapy reduces activity of the sebaceous glands and acts to neutralise bacteria and eliminate any P.acnes bacteria. Combining near-infrared in this treatment is going to reduce inflammation and start the wound healing process.

Mode 2: Acne Repair

If you have adult acne, this is the one for you. Blue (465nm) and Red (830nm) are combined to help treat acne, decrease any scarring and reduce inflammation all at once. The added benefits of skin rejuvenation makes this LED great for adult acne.

Mode 3: Cell Rejuvenation

Advanced skin rejuvenation. Red (633nm) and near-infrared (830nm) combined improve the signs of ageing, such as fine lines and wrinkles. It does this by stimulating fibroblasts cells to increase collagen production which plays a key role in ageing and skin healing. For dermatitis, eczema and skin irritation, the LED will act to reduce the inflammation and calm the skin.


Clinically Proven Wavelengths

With all 3 clinically proven wavelengths Trudermal Glow can treat all skin conditions for optimal results.

  • Blue light reduces activity of the sebaceous glands and acts to neutralise bacteria and eliminate any P.acnes bacteria.
  • Red light increases circulation to reduce inflammation, redness and creates a brighter complexion.
  • Near-infrared stimulates fibroblasts cells to increase collagen and elastin production playing a key role in anti-ageing.