Let's make mum's day

Let's make her feel gorgeous


“Feel Good”
Full Body Warm Oil Massage: 1hr $95

“Pamper Plus”
Warm Oil Back Massage + Dermaviduals Replenishing Facial: 1.5hr $195

Dermaviduals Rejuvenating Facial: 1.25hr $160

“Afternoon tea”
OPI Gel Spa Manicure + OPI gel Spa Pedicure: 1.5 hrs $160

“Bright Eyes”
Lashlift + Eye Lash Tint: 1hr $82 

“Double the love”
2 x Demaviduals Replenishing Facial’s: 2x 1 hr $270

“Me Time”
Full Body Exfoliation & Warm Oil Massage
+ Demaviduals Facial + Spa Pedicure: 3hrs $335

Or let mum decide, and spoil her with one of our giftcards

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